April 29, 2008

Great Fun at Great Wolf

We just finished a fun-filled, whirlwind 24 hours at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. After so many days in the hospital and winter dragging on a little too long here our family was in need of a quick boost. Bridger got to have a special "date with Grandma" and stayed at home getting some nonstop grandma lovings while the rest of us did our quick trip.

The kids had a blast!!! They loved sleeping in a little log cabin just their size.

The look on Sadie's face after going down her first solo mega-slide was priceless! I was especially glad that she didn't gag and vomit in the water after swallowing so much of it during her trip down. It was an uncertain outcome for the first few moments post-slide.

Lance and Eva were brave little ones to try the body surfing wave.

Little Eva was a pro! If this was a video instead of a snapshot you would see her in about 3 more seconds shooting 5 feet in the air like a little canon ball from the force of the water and landing like the little featherweight she is back on top of the platform -- a little stunned not knowing what just happened.

I was brave enough to try this as well. Luckily, all cameras were off. I jumped down on my board thinking I would show the kids how this was done. No sooner was I on my board then I felt the propulsion of the water shooting down my bathing suit front. . . on my shoulders. . . and on the straps. All in a second's time my shoulder straps shot down and I felt water where I shouldn't be feeling it. I tried to remove one hand from the board and cover my exposed self but this was a fatal move that turned me into flying flubber and blew me right up like a beached whale on the platform. I was too afraid to move my body as I wasn't sure what was still exposed underneath my arms that I had hugging over the front of me and I was laughing too hard to care about the line of 10 wanna-be-surfer men standing watching my pathetic ride. Lance didn't care to ride it after that. Sadly enough, even the tender young age of 6 is old enough to be embarrassed by your mother.

The kids loved the waterslide raft we all got to ride on together, the wave pool, a fun arcade and a strategically placed candy shop right outside of the waterpark completed our fun. We were all excited to get home to our little Bridger bear that we missed so much and the kids are already talking about going back.

"Mom", said Lance, "this is more fun than Disney!" -- sorry Walt, you have been out ranked.