April 24, 2008

Play Ball!

Friends have been getting on me to do a blog . . . so here is my debut! I think that they secretly wanted an insider's look into our one ring circus here and tickets for the good seats are currently sold out. So since I just have a whole bunch of free time that I just don't know what to do with, here I go. . .

Note: swing is complete and the ball is no longer on top of the tee

After sitting and picking clovers in the middle of the soccer field while others ran around him (and I completely understand -- why should you run after a soccer ball that 10 others are running around trying to get, our 6 year old understands basic statistics), I think that we found our sport! Lance loves t-ball. He likes the ratio of 80% socializing, 15% playing, 5% snacking. He did manage to find the only girl on the team and try out his jokes trying to whoo her. Who can resist a man in uniform -- right?

Then he managed to find another pink helmeted beauty while playing first. I overheard him telling her about his superpowers (every woman falls for that line;). Although I did find it to be a very strategic coaching move. Lance played first and every runner that got to the base Lance would immediately engage in thrilling stories of his superpowers and his hilarious jokes. The runners would not even notice that another batter had already hit the ball and was off to first. The first base coach was yelling at the guy at first to go to second but the socializing secret weapon provided a good stalling technique that guaranteed an out by the time they finally got themselves a few steps off of the bag.

I guess there's more to hit on than just balls in this sport (that is an Alan pun for those that can appreciate it).