May 15, 2008

Mother's Day

Sunday proved to be a unique day for me and unlike any day we have had for months. I thought I would list those simple pleasures of motherhood I got to enjoy:

1. no one threw up

2. no one wet their underwear

3. no one had to be taken out of church

4. no one told me how much they disliked dinner

5. no one was in the hospital

6. no one was sick (actually, no kid was sick, hubs was very sick so M's day had to be postponed until some future date) - which explains #4 because I think that I just made tacos or something easy.

7. no one broke or spilled anything (including on me)

We have had days in the recent past that it has been all of the above. Even if only #1 happened on Sunday it would have been a good day, but for all of the above it was a GREAT day. I love those little guys more than a blog can express and every day is M-day with them!