May 20, 2008

No Carseats Attached

I wanted a vehicle that could give a fast ride and didn't have four carseats attached to it, the answer. . .

Mom's new wheels.

The kids are in absolute heaven. These pics were taken up on our property in the Shenandoahs. It is such a fun respite from suburbia-land up there. We have a bunch of large boulders on the land and the kids have all named them. We have "table rock" where we eat our picnic when we get there. One is named "rainbow rock" given its name because that is the rock the girls can paint on. While the boys go riding I sit up there relaxing with the baby as Sadie and Eva let out their inner Picasso on a large boulder with some paintbrushes and trays of paint. Currently the rock is very pink, I'll post pics next time around. I think that they could stay entertained by this for at least 5 hours. It is great!

If you look carefully in the picture, Lance is threatening us with the key in his hand and what he might do with it. Scary thing is that he really can start it, make it go, and switch gears - all from observing us. Smarty pants.

While we were getting it hooked onto the trailer to tow, Lance hopped on the seat and asked if he could ride back there as we drove down the interstate. "I know it will be very windy," he said, "but I will hold on tight." He apparently had thought through the potential hazards already.

Carefree and happy.

That is what a little piece of forest on a little road in the middle of nowhere will do to you.