May 27, 2008

Our Dad, the Rickshaw

This weekend was the most beautiful weather that Virginia has seen (or will see) for months. We decided to take a family bike trip along the W&OD trail. Alan became the bicycling rickshaw with Lance on the tandem behind him and the trailer with Eva and Sadie (and their dolls) attached to that. He received countless comments and amazed looks from passing riders. I took the easier load with just Bridger attached to my bike. Bridger's wonderful physical therapist fit our attached bike seat with a special harness to support his body.

I do not feel badly at all about the unequal division of poundage between our two bikes. M-F it is always just me pulling everybody so I thought I should share the load with Alan this time:)

We planned a roundtrip ride from Dulles to downtown Herndon. It didn't seem like it would be a terribly far distance, but with the extra poundage in tow and a 3% incline the whole way there we were soon "feeling the burn". Luckily, our Herndon destination was. . .

We wanted to make sure that we actually didn't burn any extra calories in our trip. The kids didn't know where we were biking too and thought, after the long forest-lined trail, that they had just found Oz when we arrived. They made slow work of their quickly melting cones.

After we finished our treats I had a small moment of weakness where the words, "Should one of us just take a cab to the car and come back and pick the rest of us up?" escaped my lips. Alan, apparently feeling the rush of his extra large blizzard dismissed my pansy plea and we all hopped back on our bikes to finish the round trip. Luckily, it was so much easier on the way back.

We left for our trip with 6 of us and came home with 6. I'd say that was a successful trip.