May 07, 2008


I have just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the kids. They loved the story and Lance really related to the characters. He smiled sheepishly as I read realizing that he had a little bit of the obnoxious Augustus Gloop, Mike Teavee, and Veruca Salt in him. We celebrated completing the book by having a Wonka party! We went to the candy store and bought every kind of candy that Wonka made, including the famous Wonka Bar. The kids thought that they really might get a golden ticket in theirs.

We all settled in for a viewing of the classic version and devoured every wrapped treat. The kids couldn't believe their luck in getting a candy smorgasbord, but what else do you do at a Wonkafest?

Now as I type I'm listening to some restless, jabbering little ones upstairs, still awake way past their bedtime. Hmmmm, can someone say "SUGAR HIGH"?!