June 06, 2008

Some Therapy a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. . .

Well, at least we hope. This week we've only had 2 medical appointments. Last week we had our all time low of only 1 appointment. We have averaged four a week since October, not including the four hospital stays since February. We thought we could give you a little glimpse of what is involved.

Bridger's latest achievement, standing with his new "tot stander"! Our awesome physical therapist is massaging his back to stimulate his back muscles. This is the precursor for a walker for him.

Bridger in his corner chair. This chair is great because is supports his upper body and allows his head a place to rest against when he can no longer support his neck, but gives him a wonderful opportunity to work his fine motor skills. He is amazing to watch! He has a plan that he wants to accomplish and he works his muscles so hard to execute that plan.

Lance is feeding Bridger his "dinner". The kids have earned their honorary nursing certificates and love to be involved in the process. They are his biggest champions, fans and advocates.

G-tube fed little ones often have severe reflux. Bridger is no exception so he sleeps propped on this wedge pillow to counter the nightly reflux.

This is his modified bath seat. He was so cute when he bathed upright for the first time. He could see his toes finally and couldn't stop staring at them. He just kept wiggling his big toe up and down and making little splashing in the water while humming. He always hums when he enjoys what he is doing:)

This is Bridger's medical stroller. Lots of trunk support is important to avoid secondary postural problems.

This is just a glimpse of our special world. We have a modified high chair, a modified car seat, special bike seat harness, mats and balls, etc. etc. etc. We see neurologists, ophthalmologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, gastrointestinal specialists, physical medicine pediatricians, developmental pediatrics, geneticists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, vision therapists and not to leave out visits with our good ol' pediatrician. We have been blessed by the talents of the most amazing doctors and therapists ever!

My therapy. . .

Honestly, stress eating works. I know I can't do it forever, but for the past couple months it has worked and has felt quite good;)

When people see what is involved in my life they often tell me how lucky Bridger is to have us as devoted parents. I smile and nod in passing. What I wish I could explain to them is that I am the lucky one. Bridger has changed our life in a way that nothing else ever could. He has softened my heart to know compassion and empathy in a way that I never felt. He has made me see what is important and enabled me to really let go of the trivial. If you want to see the greatest examples of unconditional love, I have them in the form of a 6, 4 and 3 year old. He has helped me to dream new dreams for my children. I would wish this upon anyone.