July 29, 2008

Beach Bums


I look at them with a bucket full of sand trapped on the interior of their swimsuit and think that CAN'T be comfortable. But they just don't seem to notice.
We just returned home from a week at the beach with my husband's entire family. FUN FUN FUN! (side note: one day I hope to use the word "relaxing" to describe a vacation - but with 4 kids 6 & under, I'm not holding my breath for using that term any time in the near future.) The six families, plus his dad, were divided between two neighboring oceanfront beach houses. I think I could wake up everyday to the ocean in my backyard! We enjoyed watched dolphins galore from our deck.

Lance discovered his inner surfer-dude on the boogie board:

Eva looooved the sand:

Sadie wanted to boogie board, but could never quite catch that perfect wave. Hmm, perhaps being NEAR the waves would have been a good first step:

When Bridger wasn't soaking up all of the lovin's from his extended family, he enjoyed sticking his hand into a bucket of water and digging around to find the shells and pull them out. When he found them all we would refill the bucket, put the shells back in and give it back to him and the game would start over again. I loved watching his great motor planning with this game!

Alan enjoyed biking the boardwalk. Especially when the bike ride ends at Dairy Queen! (I know, all of our bike rides seem to end up there:)

And I had the most fun experiencing a new sport -- sea kayaking. I took each of my kids out and had SOOO much fun. Kayaking with Lance was a little more challenging than the others as I allowed him to have a paddle. Trying to coordinate my paddling to counter what he just did, and not be whacked by his paddle was tricky. Eva and Sadie were just delighted with the adventure. Sadie, who can never hold back any of her emotions was screaming with delight, "This is SOO fun mama, I'm going to DREAM about this mama, I LOVE skateboarding mama -- oh wait, what is this called again mama?" Kayaking Sadie. "Oh, I LOVE kayaking mama!!!" The seas were much rougher my second time out with them and I flipped Sadie and myself out of the kayak. (no worries, not unsafe, I was quick with the rescue) Sadie later said that was her favorite part. Here I am with Eva. . .

There was fishing at the pier, late night movies and malts, midnight games in the dark, birthday celebrations, family beach portraits, swings, hammocks, kites, chasing crabs in the dark, biking, hot tubs, the ice cream man, card games, Krispy Kremes, the shooting range, digging for buried treasure, jelly fish stings, golfing, game shows, Tom & Jerry, shark sightings, barbeques, bounce houses, beach beach beach, food food food, and sooo much more. Lots of fun for 330 sandy little toes. Cheers to Beach Week 2008!