July 02, 2008

Pedicures and Pony Rides

This past weekend I pried the mom hat off of my head for some r&r with a few gal pals. It is amazing how 28 hours of fun can refuel a person! We headed to Berkeley Springs, WV for a 2-night getaway. We began our trip with a great dinner -- although my hands were a little twitchy at first not having to cut anyone's food for them. The next morning we headed to a nearby WV state park for some horseback riding, had lunch, did some fast paced antique shopping, visited the spa, went for a drive and finished with a delicious dinner. Right as we paid for dinner the storms that had been passing through caused a power outage throughout the town. Our little inn was very quaint all lit up with candles -- and also very hot since the ac wasn't working! We checked out early and our fabulous 2-night getaway turned into a fabulous 1-nighter, and we all surprised our hubs by returning late that night. Ahhh, I think that I'm good for another year now. Mom hat back on.

Thanks, girls, for a carefree weekend -

And thank you, dear hubs, for holding down the fort:)