August 31, 2008

Ice Cream for Dinner

Do not call Child Protective Services. Let me preface this blog by saying that our kids generally eat a nutritious, balanced diet. We do not do this often. So think what you may, but it was indeed, ice cream for dinner.

To celebrate the last day of summer break, we launched a new tradition. I prepped the kids all day long about the importance of eating their entire dinner that night without complaining. Translated to them it means: dinner is really gross and mom is going to make us eat it no matter what. So they walked into the kitchen to find "dinner" spread across the table in the form of an ice cream smorgasbord. The look on their faces was priceless, especially Lance's where every expression is amplified due to his thick lenses:)

Eva loaded up on toppings-

While Sadie just loaded up period.

Lance can tie the stem in a knot using only his tongue (jk),

And Bridger enjoyed a good brain freeze. He actually screams for the spoon to be fed to him faster. Ice cream is one of the three foods he eats so it was fun to have him sharing the actual dinner that night.

We all loaded up, and looking at the gooey remains spread all over the table afterwards, I was quite proud of myself for how nutritious I think the meal ended up being. We covered every food group in the pyramid!

Dairy group = ice cream and whipped cream
Bread and cereal group = waffle bowls
Protein/Meat group = chopped peanuts
Fruit group = maraschino cherries
Vegetable group = the green sprinkles from the rainbow sprinkle mix? ? ?