August 25, 2008

TuTu's for Two

They are exactly 18 months (to the hour) apart. They wear the same size clothes, they even wear the same size shoes. They debate and negotiate over who gets to wear what bow and the sparkly shoes (that I will only buy one pair of and curse Target for coming out with a new variation of glitter shoes each year).

Most recently something has happened between them that has been so fun to watch. They have become sisters. Not the kind of sister that happens to share a room with you, but the magical connection that sisterhood can bring where they are beloved playmates and have an unspoken language between them that makes them giggle just when one gives another a certain look. They look out for each other, are proud of each other, and admire one another for their respective strengths.

I thought when Sadie was born how much easier having the second daughter would be. Being the same size, when I find a great sale I just pick up two of the item. They play with the same types of toys which makes Christmas shopping so much easier. When it comes to activities, I register them for the same class and only have to drive one place -- right? Wrong.

That is what I discovered during the ballet class where I took the picture posted above. As similar as they are in age and size, they are polar opposites when it comes to personalities. I watched Eva in the class with her petite frame and beyond-my-gene-pool-level of grace. Then I watched Sadie. Granted, she is only three and will grow in grace (hopefully), but her feelings about the class were much different. She was frustrated to tears at one point watching Eva do something she couldn't. I realized that her "thing" was not going to be Eva's "thing", and that I needed to make sure that each sister was firmly planted in their own "things" to avoid the competition that could be breed otherwise.

I have been watching them closely since that class, giving special notice to their differences and how I will need to mother differently. How can two little cuties that have been mothered the same from day one be so different?! I am so grateful to have two tutu'd daughters that are truly sisters.