September 07, 2008

Dear Father Time. . .

STOP! Or at least, slow down a little. please.

How can some days seem so long when time goes by so fast?! I just sent off a little one to kindergarten and another to first grade this week. The house seemed a little too still with half of my kids gone. I'm excited for kindergarten, I barely get my dishes done and it's time to wait for the bus to return again. Three and a half hours of school a day, I can do that. But, the first grader -- all day long is just too long! I have started dinner preparations by the time he returns. I am considering a petition to the county to make 1st - 12th grade half day, just like kindergarten. If my petition is rejected then I just might consider homeschooling. Lance spends more time with another women than with me. grrr. And then he comes home talking crazy talk about things like Pokemon and Bakugan Battle Brawlers - huh? "What's that?" I have to humbly ask. I miss them, they are my little companions and friends and I do not want them to get any bigger. Sadie misses them too. On the first day of school she plopped herself in front of the door and told me that she was going to watch for the bus to come. It was only 9:15am.

People tell me that their children become more and more fun as time goes by. And mine have. I have loved all of the tomorrows that have come but I have really loved all of the yesterdays too. So for now I respectively request, dear Father Time, that you forget about us for a little while. I am loving today.