September 27, 2008

Wild and Wonderful

That is the West Virginia state motto. So last weekend we thought we would check it out to see how accurate that motto is. And I have to agree, at least on the latter, it is wonderful! We took our family to Cacapon Resort State Park in West Virginia for an overnight getaway.

"Operation Road Trip" commenced. We began with a fun picnic at the lake and then we all headed down to the dock. Paddle boating was the biggest hit for my kids and I think we provided cheap entertainment to the onlookers on the shore as each child had their turn to paddle, which involved me or Alan climbing into the back of the boat to switch places with them, while the other person steadied the boat and held Bridger at the same time, all the while holding the hand of a child or two while they used their free hand to stretch themselves over the boat to touch the water as we paddled. I think the dock patrol posted "high tide" warnings on their boards while we were out there.

After paddle boating we took the kids horseback riding. The kids were thoroughly delighted when, after their ride, the cowboy presented them each with a horseshoe from their horse. We went with them and their new dirty treasure to a field next to the stable to play a game of horseshoes. That game was short lived, however, as we couldn't get the kids to grasp the concept of waiting until all horseshoes are thrown before you go and retrieve yours. We were able to call a cease-fire before there was any bloodshed.

After that we played on a fun old fashioned playground with complete with the vomit-go-round -- remember these things? I think liability has caused them to be removed from every playground except for those untouched circa 1950's ones parks like this one.

Also while there, Alan and I also had some fun and took turns each shooting a round of wobble trap.

The kids loved sitting there with their ear protection on watching mom and dad "sploosh orange frisbees" (translated - shoot clays). For the harmony of my marriage, I will refrain from saying who shot more clays.

In the evening we sat in the rocking chairs along the porch overlooking the golf course and had a nice visit with some other hotel guests while the kids ran around the abandoned course. After a long, hot summer it was such a welcome feeling to finally have a chill to the evening air.

Beyond our paddle boating and horseshoe chaos, the only thing wild about the "Wild and Wonderful" state was our night. We were excited thinking about how pleasant the night would be since we splurged and got two adjoining hotel rooms. That night was anything but pleasant. Wild is truly the word to describe it. #1 had his own bed, #2 and 3 were sharing a bed with #4 in his pack and play, mom and dad had their own room. #2 and 3 were being way too wild together, so we switched #3 and #1. #1 then was coughing so much that it was keeping #2 awake, so I brought #1 in my bed, whose coughing then was keeping me awake. I went to the other room to share with #3. I will NeVeR share a bed with #3 again. She was all over my space, somewhat embedding herself into my back with an occasional spastic knee jerk to my lower jerk every so often. I would frequently go back to #1 and give him some water and every time I came back she would be further spread into my space. At some moment in the night I had enough and I just gave her a big push back to her side. Still asleep, but at the top of her lungs she yelled, "HEY!! Don't PUSH me!!", and was snoring again in the next breath. Not before that woke up #4, however, who was then crying and had to be put back to sleep.
I think that our family put the "wild" in "wild and wonderful" for the West Virginians and had a great time doing it!