December 29, 2008

Blog Cabin

There is a show I love on hgtv called Blog Cabin. It shows the various building stages and takes votes for various aspects of a cabin in progress. I thought I would create my own little "blog cabin" and if there is something Alan and I are at odds about, I might just throw in a reader vote to resolve it;) So here it is. . .or at least, here it was. . .

This is what we started with:

Then we put in the driveway

Then they dug out the foundation and we had ourselves a great big dirt hole

The foundation was poured

And finally it is starting to look like something. . .

This will be the view from our front porch. If you are looking for me, you can find me in my rocking chair here. . .

We truly feel that we have found a little piece of heaven on earth here. It is a place it explore, a place to imagine and daydream, a place to get dirty and soak your feet in the creek, a place to come closer to each other and a place to draw closer to God.

Last time we were there Sadie spent a long time building a birthday cake out of rocks. Eva and Lance saw a mysterious bird and looked it up in their "bird book" to discover it was a turkey vulture. Their minds, and ours, truly unwind here and they become carefree children again. Our door (once we have one) will be open to all.