December 17, 2008

I Didn't Make any Friends Today

In fact, I think I made some people really mad instead.

After my kids got home from school I thought that I would take them to the pool at the gym for some "mom swim school". Excitedly, they loaded up in the car - goggles and floatation devices in hand. We got to the gym and the kids jumped in the pool and began taking turns with mom practicing their strokes. About 3 minutes into our fun, Lance snarfed some water down the wrong pipe and proceeded to puke all over without warning. And it just kept coming up. I waded through all of it to get him to the side of the pool, included the heave that landed all down the front of my swimsuit. I got the girls out of the pool as Lance continued to puke on the deck. Eva began crying because we were going to have to leave the pool, the lifeguards had to immediately close the pool, including excusing the two swim classes of eager 3 year-olds that had just gotten in the water on the other end, the half dozen lap swimmers were notified to get out and they sounded the emergency pool alarm (really, did they have to sound the 350 decibel alarm?). I used all of the towels we had with us to mop up the slop and took everyone into the locker room to collect our belongings, only to share the same space with the 20+ frustrated moms who were getting their little ones dressed only again only moments after they had just gotten them suited up. I expressed my sincerest apologies and they all said in their sugary mom voices that they didn't mind, that it could happen to anyone. I'll pretend they all meant that. Since we used up our towels, I put the kids clothes over top of their soaking wet swimsuits and marched us in a dripping trail back to our car, still smelling the vomit fumes.
I got us all home and bathed everyone, including myself since I took the brunt of one "episode" while I put a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner (when things like this happen I consider it a guilt-free ticket to a frozen pizza night). I must have taken too long showering everyone because I came downstairs to one very charred pizza. I served it up anyway and made up for it by putting a straw in everyone's drink.

Just before bed Eva asked me to do one more thing with them. I can't even remember what the request was now, but I simply replied that I couldn't because I was tired and this day was over. She asked why I was tired. I told her that I knew it was hard to imagine sometimes that moms can get tired, but I was. I told her a fraction of what I did today, which included getting everyone dressed that morning, making their breakfast, packing their lunches, getting them on the bus, cleaning up the breakfast and the disaster in the kitchen from the day before resulting from making 9 loaves of pumpkin bread for a party, 4 dozen cookies for a missionary lunch and baking the pieces to construct 3 homemade gingerbread houses, sweep and mopped the kitchen floor, tube fed Bridger, washed and folded 6 loads of laundry (still not sure where that is all coming from), restored my craft room to working order again after wrapping up the chaos of 1 very unimpressive homemade Christmas gift (sorry Tyler, I don't think that you will realize upon opening it that it really did take about 50 man-hours), made Sadie an "office" of her own and helped her with her first office assignment of paper clipping a billion sheets of construction paper together, did 2 hours of therapy with Bridger, waiting for another bus, made the kids lunch, read to Bridger and put him down for a nap, returned to clean up from lunch, did an hour of administrative insurance paperwork, answered some emails, tube feed Bridger, painted girls fingernails, more therapy, hauled some Christmas boxes downstairs before the day soon comes that I will need to haul them up again to put away Christmas stuff, more laundry, make homemade cookies for the kids to eat when Lance gets home from school, get everyone ready for swimming, THE WHOLE POOL EXPERIENCE, come home and bath all the kids, clean up vomit suits, serve pitiful dinner, tube feed Bridger, jammy everyone, brush teeth, read books, scriptures, prayer, deny Eva's final request because I'm too tired.

After describing this partial list of things I did today to her, Eva said, "That's ALL you did today mom? Really, that's ALL?!"

I actually considered today to be a mild day on my calendar. So yes, Eva, really, that is all.