December 05, 2008

National Cookie Day

Did you know that yesterday was National Cookie Day? Countless baked good lovers probably jump right from Thanksgiving to Christmas not realizing that there is another important holiday worthy of recognition in December. Never one to miss out on a chance to celebrate something, we paid tribute to National Cookie Day.

I went to the grocery store and selected one of each of the cookies behind the glass display that the kids are always begging for and never are allowed to have. When they got home from school they found the platter full and in very serious "family meeting" style, I sat them down and solemnly explained the significance of December 4th. Then we had a gluttonous sampling of all the varieties -- discussing the consistency, texture, sweetness and significant ingredients of each cookie we were honoring. In the end, even I was a little sick to my stomach.

I'm sure there is a National Green Bean Day, a National Squash Day, and probably a National Jogging Day. I don't seem to have those on my calendar, nor do I care to. For now, we will stick to celebrating National Cookie Day!