March 04, 2009

Target Practice

As the previous "Human Sled" post eluded to, snow play is never quite typical at our house. When we get more then a few inches we play a game we call "Target Practice". It goes something like this:
One child gets to ride around the yard on the atv with mom or dad. All of the others are in line eagerly awaiting their turn. A rider taunting the others, as pictured below, does not help their patience level at all.

So early on I devised a method to pass the time for those waiting. We stand in the middle of the "track" and throw snowballs at the moving red target and whoever pegs them first gets their turn.

Depending on how dad is driving it could take a little while for the first snowball to smack them in the face.

So far the game has been harmless, although the neighbors think that we are nuts.