March 29, 2009

Give me my Red Box and Nobody gets Hurt

No, not that Redbox. Although it does play an important part in my life. In fact, on Friday I had to visit four of them to find the new release, Bolt, for our family movie night. But this simple pleasure doesn't hold a candle to the red box I am talking about.


And the 15 little morsels of happiness that reside inside. On a rainy-laundry-filled-the-floor-needs-to-be-mopped-again kind of day, they make the world a happy place again. My children have sensed this magic. I have almost successfully convinced them that the GREEN box is the really good one. The green box that gives you 5 times as many as the red box. Or the purple box. Yes, the purple box -- dad's favorite one that I only buy one pitiful, sympathy box of for him each year. THAT is what you really want kids -- the purple box. No, they are not sold. They see the sheer delight on my face and their little fingers pry into mine. On my Saturday morning girl scout hunt yesterday to the sidewalks outside of the local grocery stores, those green vested girls had posters that read (threatened) "Last Day for Girl Scout Cookies". I almost cried, but I fell for their marketing ploy and bought x boxes (too embarassed to say how many). Unfortunately, girl scout cookie season always falls during the time I am expecting. I'm not sure if my ob has seen the correlation between my weight gain and this splendid time of year. I am very conscious of the red circles she places on my weight chart each time. But at least she is circling it with red -- which is my favorite color -- because it reminds me of that box. . .