July 10, 2009

Breach of Contract

Lest anyone think that I am in some terminal state of craziness from events posted in the previous blog, here is the update before I go underground again:
Event #1: Contract, no breach. After only 12 blessed (however long) days on the market, we had our 3rd offer on our current house which we accepted. We have just finished up ushering contractors in and out of our house completing home inspection repair items and are up to our eyeballs in boxes stacked here and there awaiting the movers in 2 weeks.
Event #2: Contract, no breach. We finished our cabin and have the occupancy permit and have spent 2 of the past 3 weekends there. LOVE IT!!! It is peaceful, it is heaven on earth, and it is almost relaxing. Almost. Who are we kidding, I'm still dealing w/ a bunch of lit'lins. We've been sitting on the front porch sipping lemonade from mason jars, built some log futons *note to self* never buy self-assembled log furniture again, gone on moonlit atv rides, found our first resident copperhead snake and experienced the local fireworks show. Everything has a calming element up there. Even meal times are more relaxed -- there is nothing to hurry up and eat to rush out for and we simply enjoy a lingering breakfast together. Father's Day morning we woke up to a deer outside our back window. It was fun to sit and watch it for a while. I told Alan that it took tricky planning on my part to coordinate such a Father's Day gift as that.
Event #3: Contract, no breach. The home that we are building has all the necessary parts in place to begin construction, which will start at the end of the month. Bridger will get his cutting-edge, state-of-the-art walker in a week and this house has all of the elements to provide him freedom and Independence. We are so excited for him and for all the wonderful things this house and neighborhood will provide to our other children.
Event #4: Breech, no contract. All set up for my induction on Tuesday, went to the ob for a final check-up who did an ultrasound and it looked like there wasn't a baby inside. The ob placed the doppler on the top of my tummy and what do you know. . . beautiful round head, perfectly right-side up baby. So, the scheduled induction has now turned into a scheduled c-section. That only throws a mild kink into my plans. How in the world do I comply with a 10lb and under weight lifting restriction when I have a 30lb, two and 1/2 year old that I have to carry every step of his life?
It serves me right. I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend for a little "babymoon" before their summer fun comes to a crashing halt with the arrival of the baby. Alan only could join us for the first evening that we were there and had to drive back that night. So the next two days I chased around 3 kids while hauling Bridger around -- complete with my ginormous maternity swimsuit stretched over my 9 month preggo-belly. I know that paints a horrid picture, luckily I have long since lost my pride and didn't mind the spectacle that I probably appeared. I hiked up the stairs with the kids to ride the large tube waterslides -- the slides that have a sign posted next to them that pregnant women were forbidden from riding. I tried to suck in my stomach and slouch and hope that the 15 year old lifeguard just thought that I had too many doughnuts that week (which I had). I plunked myself down on too many waterslides and by the last one I could hardly get up and I told the kids that the baby didn't like that one and I had to declare a mandatory rest time for all. I thought the consequence of disregarding the sign would possibly be going into labor, a consequence I was ready to suffer. I think that all those rides probably spun this little one around so much that she finally got stuck right-side up.

I sat with Bridger in front of this little fountain for at least and hour and 1/2. It was so cute how maniacally crazy he went over it.

Surfin' Sadie. Remember my last experience with this. I was not going to try it again.

Eva the monkey.

Summer wiggles are subsiding, all the school supplies for next year have been purchased and placed into idle backpacks, mini-sized diapers are stacked in the bassinet, all new little pink and precious things have been washed and lie in wait in the drawers. Stay tuned. . .