July 24, 2009

I Love. . .

I love the moment in the hospital when you see their little face for the first time.

I love the warm bundle of pink cotton that molds into my body as I hold her.

I love the sweet baby smell that no Johnson & Johnson product has ever been able to duplicate.

I love the way something so small and delicate looks in my husbands oversized hands, barely bigger than his palms.

I love the love the oozes out of the hearts of the siblings, just when I thought their hearts were at maximum love capacity.
I love the nights, yes, the sleepless nights. I have long since realized that sleep is overrated and I look forward to the nights knowing that it is time with just her and me and the connection that forms during those midnight moments is very sweet.

I love how one little 7 lb. person can transform a family. They haven't asked to get a dog for over a week now.

I love what a breath of fresh air she is. In the past year I had my perspective on the challenges of motherhood whacked into clarity. Motherhood is actually quite easy. Looking back at moments when I thought raising three typical toddlers was difficult, it was usually me that was making it hard. I learned what "hard" is since then and this little one is making me appreciate all that is easy and simple that I once thought wasn't.

I love her. Love love LOVE her.

Eliza Caroline

Born July 14

7lb 11oz