September 16, 2009

Bear Pause

That is the name of our little escape from suburbia, which is now finally complete. You can't help to "pause" when your there; to slow down and take a deep breath of life. And for the "bear" part of that title -- well, that is what we saw running across the driveway last week. So I am watching the children a little closer now and have nicknamed the older ones, "Bear Bait #1, #2, and #3" - references which make them a little nervous.

There has been several requests for pictures, so here you go:

The front, complete with a buck-shaped tire swing:

The front porch where we have our quick-draw shoot-outs. March forward 10 paces, turn and fire. Our choice of ammunition - marshmallows.

Sadie often turns from cowboy to gangster and shoots her dad point blank:

The Great Room:
The girls relaxing in the master bathroom tub:

One of the bedrooms:

The entrance to the master bedroom, fittingly named after Alan:

The arena for killer chess tournaments:
For all of the cooking I am still not doing (I always declare kitchen amnesty for the first 3 months postpartum):

Star gazing - it looks just a little different out there:
The cutest little cub on our side of the mountain:

The other bathroom:

The Fishin' Hole:

We mounted a steering wheel for Bridger on the front porch. He drove the cabin for over an hour last week:

The kids cuddled up watching a Herbie movie in the Turkey Roost:

Getting around:

If we are ever MIA for an extended period of time, this is where we are. Come on out and join us, our door is always open (except for those times the kids finally shut it after being told for the billionth time that they are letting the skeeters in).