September 22, 2009

Perfect Playdate Pal

If you ever see me, be sure to compliment my biceps. They are huge.
My workout strategy:

  • Carry an extra 30 pound weight every where I go (little Bear)
  • Do at least 100 squats with this 30 pound weight every day (picking him up and down from the floor)
  • Do at least 200 lunges every day with the 30 pound weight (carrying him up and down the stairs)
  • Keep muscles flexed at all times in anticipation of unexpected body flinging and other spastic muscle movements.
Of course, I still eat enough chocolate doughnuts to make sure that only the biceps reap the benefits of this workout.

My workout strategy will have to change a bit now that Bear will have a new set of wheels.

We got together with another little guy for a "playdate" as they each tried out their new chairs. It was a crack up to see them wheeling around together. Bear kept wheeling over to him and giving his chair a push with his feet. Finally the other boy pushed Bear's chair right back.

When they finally found their rhythm in their new chairs they proceeded to play "follow the leader" - right out of the room. The most precious sight was two little toddlers wheeling down the hallway together.

I couldn't be more amazed at the large spirit inside this little body. He has to tackle and overcome so much at such a tender age. Though his body appears weak, if we knew his full strength, both body and spirit, I think that we would all stand in awe. My hopes for him are the same as they were for my other children when they were his age. Explore. Satisfy curiosities. Make messes. I think that he will tackle all three with his new wheels.

And soon, my biceps will match the rest of me. Very tired and horribly out of shape.