October 09, 2009

Finding their Voice

Efficiency. That is my middle name. So true to my name, I thought that since both Sadie and Eva needed their tonsils out at some point in the near future, that it would be efficient to do them both at the same time. If I had to bring a cup of jell-o up to one, I might as well carry up two. Two recoveries for the effort of one. Right?

I didn't think that it would be double the vomit, double the crying, twice as much sleep lost during the nights caring for them, etc. I gave them each a set of jingle bells when they came home from their surgery to give a shake to if they needed me. My head is still ringing and after 2 days I had to put those darn bells away.

This is how they spent the first couple days. Never mind Lance there (or his head lamp he thinks is cool to always wear). He had a bit of tonsillectomy envy seeing the assortment of novelty popsicles being delivered. So he figured that there might be some fringe benefits in keeping them company.

Wednesday night was one of those wicked nights where at 3:00 in the morning, we had 4 of the 5 children awake for one reason or another, and had at least 3 awake for the many hours prior. Alan and I would pass each other in the hallway going from room to room and whack our heads on the door frames just to make sure it wasn't just a bad dream.

Poor them. But poor me as well. We had several post-op visits with the doctor due to some complications and as he wrote his prescriptions for them, I asked for a one for me as well. I asked for mine to say "Spa Day". Doctor's orders -- insurance will surely cover it.

I confess. I am a spa junkie. Sadly though, I don't get to satisfy my addiction near enough. I have convinced myself that some home therapies, provided by the girls, are near equivalents of such luxuries.

Swedish massage = Laying on my stomach and having the girls run their brother's Matchbox cars over my back.

Aromatherapy Facial = layers of greasy Bonnie Bell cosmetics being smeared all over my face. They can't quite ever remember the rules of application -- that lip gloss doesn't go on my cheeks, lipstick isn't for eyelids, and blush doesn't go on foreheads. They also get offended if I wash off their work of art immediately. So I usually wear it around for an hour or two and hope nobody rings the doorbell.

Pedicure and Manicures = gobs and globs of polish on the nails that spills into a little reservoir in the cuticle area to there dry after an hour or two. I then usually have to chisel my toes apart as they are thoroughly glued together.

So what do you do on day 7 post-op with two little grumpy, sore, bored tonsillectomy convalescents who still refuse to eat, drink or talk? You announce that you are going to Target and getting every polish color of the rainbow and making rainbow nails.

Oh. . . my. . . goodness.

They suddenly found their voices. Those little sore throats started talking and didn't stop for a solid 2 hours!

(Eva's art is on the right, Sadie's abstracts are on the left)

60 gooey digits later, everyone is a little happier and I finally see the light at the end of the recovery tunnel.