December 17, 2009

Are They ALL Yours?

That is a question I get asked a lot. Sometimes a different emphasis is put on a different word, depending on what they are really thinking inside their heads. Then the question is usually followed by a statement containing the word "crazy", "busy", or "hands full". My children are always present when those comments are made and I have felt a need to make more of a response to all of those comments. Instead of just nodding and passing along, I always look at them and smile and say, "I LOVE it! We have so much fun". I really don't care what that person thinks, for better or worse. I do care what my children remember, and that is that "crazy", "busy", or "hands full" are not in my most important descriptors about them.

Sometimes I hear the sweetest comments. Wednesday was one of those times. I was in the bulk candy section of the grocery store doing our annual gingerbread house candy selection. That day ranks in the top ten in my children's world because they take turns each choosing a candy that they want for their houses, and choosing. . . and choosing. . . until they have every variety that they could possibly want. There are probably 100 kinds to choose from. Candy heaven. Because it is sold in bulk I only put a scanty scoop of it in their bags. So I come out for less than $25 and they come out thinking that they won the sugar jackpot. It is a gingerbread house win-win.

Anyway, while I was there this time I had Eliza strapped to the front of me, Bridger happily wheeling himself around the colorful displays and the other 3 excitedly searching the bins for their next selection. I'm sure that we looked like quite a traveling circus. I kept hearing the word "5" coming from two older ladies whispering between themselves down the aisle. They finally approached me and asked that question. . . "are they ALL yours?!" I smiled and said yes and waited for the comment of "something something hands full" but instead their eyes lit up and they said, "THAT is just WONDERFUL!!!" We went on to have the sweetest conversation. I adore positive people. I really do.

I made this video for our physical therapist as we just wrapped up 2 years of services with her. I made it to showcase some of the equipment we have gone through and some smilestones we have achieved. When she saw it though, she didn't see the equipment. She saw how perfectly Bridger fits into our family and how wonderful our children are for each other. She showed it to her boss who wants to use it for the county. I have had requests to post it so here it is.

We just finished up 28 medical appointments in the last 3 weeks. I really understand crazy busy. Can you be "busy" and be having fun? Can you have your "hands full" and be having fun? Can you even be "crazy" and having fun? Yes. What I try to remember is just the part that I'm having fun.