June 04, 2010

The End of the Tunnel

There is light there. We are finally in it. We go through a lot of tunnels, some are shorter than others, some run a little deeper, but there is always light at the end. We have to soak up as much light as we can between tunnels to make sure that the other children don't feel the strain of this lifestyle. So here are a few of our recent lighter moments. . .

Bikers for Barbecue

All exercise must be rewarded with a motivating prize at the end. What better motivation is there than biking for some yummy pulled pork sandwiches from the best little barbecue pit on this side of the Mississippi? The kids could smell it coming from a mile down the trail.

Happy National Doughnut Day!

I looked in Hallmark for cards to send out but apparently the card companies don't see a market for Doughnut Day cards and all the slots were taken by grad and dad cards. But that won't stop the celebration from happening. Doughnuts are very important to us. . . I went into labor with Lance eating a doughnut, we own stock in the Krispy Kreme corporation (even in this economy it has doubled since we purchased). We hope that everyone took a moment that day to honor a doughnut.

Under the Big Top Part II

To counter any jealousies the kids had from Bridger having his special circus experience, we took the others to the circus as well. The cage for the tiger portion suffered some mechanical difficulties (before the tigers were released, thankfully) so they had to skip the tiger performance but offered us tickets for another performance the following week. So after three circus trips and all the cotton candy, popcorn and overpriced-spinning-blinking-made-in-china-glow-toys that grandma couldn't resist, we have had our fill of the circus.

Here Fishy-Fishy

We found a "handicap fishing pond" on the map and decided to give it a try. Handicap on this map legend apparently means that there is a long, bumpy trail sprinkled with gravel that lead to a large pond hidden in the middle of nowhere with piers lined with pavers so you have to really push your chair hard to fall into the water. Bridger's chair is more of a Porsche (both in design and in cost) than it is an SUV - but it managed to survive the off-roading it had to do to make it to the pond and the pavers did keet him from going for an unexpected swim. Because the pond was so remote, the fish were abundant and all that the kids had to do was cast and they would get a fish. That is the perfect kid fishing pond. Bridger had a blast and even caught his own fish that he wanted to squeeze. The rest of the time he held a pole (sans line and hook) in the water and copied his siblings. Eliza just enjoyed some fresh air and snuggles.

Lance was beaming to come show us his fresh catch - done all by himself. Hook, line and sinker.

Playing with Fire

Good old fashioned hot dog dinner over the fire. Served up mostly blackened with a cool inner. Unlimited s'mores to wash it all down.

The Swimmin' Hole

Toe-Tapping Fun

I took Evie on a date to see Riverdance. She was mesmerized and has found her new passion. Her classes begin in fall - stay tuned for some darling pictures.

Phew. I'll end the update there.

Bridger has bounced back in a truly miraculous way. We have been surrounded, buoyed and sustained by love shown in many different ways and have been very overwhelmed by all of those expressions. I'm grateful for the wonderful "highs" that we experience to more than counter all of the "lows". Resilience is a wonderful quality and I am grateful for children and a husband that exemplify that.