December 20, 2010

Graham Crackers and Glue Guns

Once upon a time, I would work for hours in the kitchen making custom gingerbread log cabins and painstaking assemble them with fussy royal icing for kids to decorate.  This year, I slapped some graham crackers together with a glue gun and opened some icing in a can.  Good enough.

That has been my mantra for December and every time I say it I can't help but break into a big satisfied smile.  My mind is whole, my inner zen is maintained, the last unclaimed specks of my time stay protected as I declare, "Good Enough!"  So the Christmas tree is leaning severely and practically all of the ornaments were placed by the kids on one overly strained branch - Good Enough.  The Christmas goodies I made for our half dozen bus drivers and attendants were over baked - Good Enough.  The Christmas card picture turned out so small that you need a magnifying glass to see it - Good Enough.  The Messiah music that I played with the sing along for our church and local community only was practiced for 10 minutes before performing - Good Enough.  There is a tree in my yard covered with lights that have yet to shine because I don't have an extension cord to connect it to the rest - Good Enough.  I have declared "Good Enough" at least 2 dozen times so far this month and quite frankly, I haven't felt the greater benefit of my previous 'just rights' or 'absolutely perfects' to my current 'good enoughs'.  Conversely, the greater benefit is definitely being felt as I am loving my December.

So enjoy our Good Enough candy house pictures and before Christmas gets any closer - all you perfectionists out there - try my "Good Enough" challenge and walk away with full sanity in tact.

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