March 14, 2011


Happy Pi Day!

My husband's favorite book:

We had only been married a couple years when I discovered this about him and it was an eye-opener to me that my husband truly was an engineer to the inner-core with a little bit of lawyer on the outer crust.  He would not only pour over its pages, but then come to me excitedly reading excerpts and expect me to nod with furrowed eyebrows with my thinking finger on my chin and then engage in discussion over the mysteries of pi with him.  uh, no.  Put me in an apron and add an "e" to the end and then I can talk crusts and fillings with the best but I can't even feign interest in this one.  I give him my best blank stare and sometimes offer a sympathetic smirk to let him know that his inner-geek is showing too much.

But every nerdy interest can be given a moment of respect in our home as some national association of some discipline of engineering has lobbied hard to institute the holy Pi Day on March 14th.  And so, much to my husband's delight, we paid our homage. . .

What I really needed was a video of this happy occasion.  Bridger is just out of the picture on the right watching it all.  All of the smells and sights of the food overloaded his sensory system and just after I snapped the picture he proceeded to gag and vomit all over (luckily, the table was spared).  He had just been g-tube fed which makes it -- to summarize without grossing you out, very voluminous.  But since this is just about a daily occurrence with him, I have developed some sensory saving strategies for myself.  Mother's best friend. . . the disposable surgical mask:

I collect a stash of these every time we are hospitalized and every hurl episode I take on in my house starts with this.  Add my yellow rubber gloves as the must have companion accessory and I can take on anything, no matter how voluminous that anything is.

So Alan came home with a big smile on his face to see our celebration of him and his weirdness, then saw me in my hospital mask hanging retired around my neck and offered me a sympathetic smirk -- kind of like the one I give him when he reads me his weird book.  I guess we all have our quirks.

March 13, 2011

Through the Woods and Over the River

I love that we are still in the stage of cheap thrills.  I know one day that my kids will be severely underwhelmed with the tricks and treats that I pull out of my sleeve, but until then, I am loving the simple pleasures that still put big smiles on their faces.

We went down to the river by our cabin and threw waders on the kids and they wandered through the river.  If you are 6-9 years old this is apparently quite thrilling.  Lance said it was the 4th best day of his life.  When I asked him what the first three were he said that they were all Disney.  So I'm glad something free can rank right up there next to Space Mountain. 

The fun was almost short-lived when Eva lost her footing on a slippery rock and fell in the freezing water.  With her waders full of water I took her crying to the back of the suburban and told her that she won the prize.  Confused, she paused in her crying to hear more.  I told her not to tell the others (that always gets them excited) but that I had a prize for whoever fell in first.  The prize. . . I had to scramble to find that. . . but it turned out to be a can of squeeze cheese I had packed in the back of the car and a box of wheat thins that she ate while resting in a chair on the bank of the river as she dried off in the sunshine.  Near meltdown averted and the fun went on for a couple more hours.

ahhh, simple pleasures.

March 02, 2011

Seeing Green

With all of the free time I have I thought that I could use another hobby.  I have been under the tutelage of some fun friends and had my eyes opened to this new (for me) phenomenon called "Couponing".  Previously, I avoided those little paper squares like the plague.  I would curse myself for buying something on the shelf because it had one of those peel-off instant coupons to use at the register -- only to then have to stare at that same peel-off sticker every time I would use the product in my pantry because I would forget to take it off at the register.  Well, I am reformed now.  I have caught the bug - not to the point of addiction like some - BUT, who wouldn't get an a homemaker's adrenaline rush at getting all this:

 for free.
All this: (it is actually really good gravy to add to the frozen turkeys I have left over from Thanksgiving)
I got PAID to buy this - yep, came out of there with $1.86 more in my pocket than I started with.

And all this:

Total was over $70 and Mrs. Souper Couper herself brought it down to $24.  Just the toothpaste and tampons alone would have cost that at Target.  The $8 bag of salad and block of cheese (the only which things I didn't use a coupon for) are making my total artificially high I think.  But considering there is a $20 tub of Crayola Model Magic in there(paid $2.50 for) - super score!  My kids love that stuff - it's like play-doh that you can color with markers.  I highly recommend it for rainy days.

My motivation for spending my only 18 minutes a week of free time on this??  All money saved goes directly to fund my favorite hobby of all. . .

This hobby, I admit, I am fully addicted to and will take whatever measures necessary to feed my habit. 

See you at the spa!