March 02, 2011

Seeing Green

With all of the free time I have I thought that I could use another hobby.  I have been under the tutelage of some fun friends and had my eyes opened to this new (for me) phenomenon called "Couponing".  Previously, I avoided those little paper squares like the plague.  I would curse myself for buying something on the shelf because it had one of those peel-off instant coupons to use at the register -- only to then have to stare at that same peel-off sticker every time I would use the product in my pantry because I would forget to take it off at the register.  Well, I am reformed now.  I have caught the bug - not to the point of addiction like some - BUT, who wouldn't get an a homemaker's adrenaline rush at getting all this:

 for free.
All this: (it is actually really good gravy to add to the frozen turkeys I have left over from Thanksgiving)
I got PAID to buy this - yep, came out of there with $1.86 more in my pocket than I started with.

And all this:

Total was over $70 and Mrs. Souper Couper herself brought it down to $24.  Just the toothpaste and tampons alone would have cost that at Target.  The $8 bag of salad and block of cheese (the only which things I didn't use a coupon for) are making my total artificially high I think.  But considering there is a $20 tub of Crayola Model Magic in there(paid $2.50 for) - super score!  My kids love that stuff - it's like play-doh that you can color with markers.  I highly recommend it for rainy days.

My motivation for spending my only 18 minutes a week of free time on this??  All money saved goes directly to fund my favorite hobby of all. . .

This hobby, I admit, I am fully addicted to and will take whatever measures necessary to feed my habit. 

See you at the spa!