March 13, 2011

Through the Woods and Over the River

I love that we are still in the stage of cheap thrills.  I know one day that my kids will be severely underwhelmed with the tricks and treats that I pull out of my sleeve, but until then, I am loving the simple pleasures that still put big smiles on their faces.

We went down to the river by our cabin and threw waders on the kids and they wandered through the river.  If you are 6-9 years old this is apparently quite thrilling.  Lance said it was the 4th best day of his life.  When I asked him what the first three were he said that they were all Disney.  So I'm glad something free can rank right up there next to Space Mountain. 

The fun was almost short-lived when Eva lost her footing on a slippery rock and fell in the freezing water.  With her waders full of water I took her crying to the back of the suburban and told her that she won the prize.  Confused, she paused in her crying to hear more.  I told her not to tell the others (that always gets them excited) but that I had a prize for whoever fell in first.  The prize. . . I had to scramble to find that. . . but it turned out to be a can of squeeze cheese I had packed in the back of the car and a box of wheat thins that she ate while resting in a chair on the bank of the river as she dried off in the sunshine.  Near meltdown averted and the fun went on for a couple more hours.

ahhh, simple pleasures.