May 23, 2011

Rolling up my Sleeves


I'm not one to brag . . .


not keen on boasting . . .

except on rare occasions,

prefer humility . . .

unless the situation reeeeeally calls for otherwise. 

So pardon the self flattery here when I just have to announce that I rock.

Our homeowner's association had just released new nazi-esque regulations that would require approval (and certain rejection) of new exterior projects to your house.  The new rules would take effect in 3 days.  I had just purchased an in-ground basketball hoop and tetherball set that I was hoping to hire a contractor to install in the coming weeks.  With 72 hours of homeowner freedom until I had to go through a whole bunch of red tape for these projects, I scraped together some free minutes and rolled up my sleeves and opened the instruction manual to face step 1 of the 89 installation steps.

Notice the concrete that I mixed and poured, the perfectly level pole that was lovingly tended to into the wee hours of the night while the concrete cured.  The picture also doesn't do justice to the enormous hole that I had to dig.  See the whole raising and lowering arm with its 105 embedded parts -- yeah, that's impressive.

Project 2: Tether ball set.  Also dug, mixed and poured concrete and leveled continuously.  This turned out to be a bigger hit than I even imagined and has clocked dozens of hours of playtime already.

No need to leave comments and reinforce what I already know.  This is awesome;)  Sometimes it feels really good when I am stirring dinner with my right hand and tube feeding with my left hand while simultaneously changing diapers with my toes and talking on speaker phone to the insurance company and at the same time keeping my right and left eye, respectively, on two kids doing their homework -- to set that all aside and simply roll up my sleeves and realize I can do hard things.

Thank you to those who read to the end and tolerated my self-congratulatory ego stroke.  My ego needed the boost today.