August 08, 2011

Time is Flying

lazy mornings-water parks-movie nights-library trips-mom store-museums-slurpees-firefly catching-late night football-juicy peaches-kings dominion-bike riding-chuck e. cheesin'-sunscreen smearing-playgrounds-snow cones-cabin trips-berry pickin'-birthday cakes-block parties-lunch dates-metro rides-petting zoos-concerts-new yorking-backyard sized slip'n'slides-bike rides-basketball camps-super scoutin'-hay rides-homemade ice cream-pool splashin'-miniature golfing-american girl stores-free movies-squirting fountains-pretty toe nails-beach beach beach. . .

(if you scroll through real slow and sing as you go it will be kind-of like one of those fancy-schmancy slide shows that others put their photos to that have more talent and time than I)


so much summer.  so little time.

(beach pictures to come -- those really do deserve a fancy slide show)