September 10, 2011

I Heart NY

I Heart this girl too.

When each child turns 8 they get to choose a solo birthday getaway with either Alan or myself.  This sweet birthday girl chose a weekend with mom in New York -- which was a fun birthday getaway for me as well since we celebrate just a couple days apart from eachother.  So we boarded the train, with grandma too, for a birthday adventure together.

And what's on an 8 year old's "must hit list" in NY?

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, American Girl, M&M store, Toys R Us, The Beast (crazy speed boat ride down the Hudson), NY Pizza and Cheesecake. . .

And she did it all!  We ferried to the Statue, explored Ellis Island (including looking for ancestors in the geneology center there), chose the cool "Statue" color assortment at the m&m store, rode the Toys R Us ferris wheel and bought some unexpected fun, dined and shopped at American girl and had some late night NY carbs.

What made me love her even more was that despite it being a heat index of 115 degrees, despite waiting in fabulously long lines in said heat, despite walking way too far for way too long carrying her heavy backpack, despite being thirsty, hungry or possibly bored, despite an lengthy wait in the train station because we missed our train home -- she never ONCE complained.  This sweet soul has the gift of gratitude.  She rolls with the punches and gratefully accepts what she gets, when she gets it.  Every day, she says, is the best day of her life.  And this scene pictured below -- eating some treats in the window seat on the 43rd floor overlooking Times Square, she said. . .

Was the "best moment of her life".  And just watching her, it was mine too. 

I've always said that she truly is a perfect child and my job as her mother is to just not mess her up.  So far, so good.