November 16, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll

I love today.  I love every single minute from October 1 - November 30th.  The reason -- Fall.  Specifically, Fall in Virginia.  It is the reason you tolerate deathly heat and even more deathly humidity in Virginia in July and August -- because you know October 1 holds something spectacular!

We celebrated October's arrival with our annual spudnut and cider celebration at the cabin.  What a fun weekend it was to let our hair down and wear our pj's for a few days straight.  We picked up some cider from the local orchard and got the mixer cranking for a big batch of spudnuts.  The kids rolled out their dough and cut out their doughnuts - even Bridger got into the sticky dough scene!

Lance enjoyed being the head maple glaze man and the frequent licking of the fingers that comes along with that position.

Three cheers for fall!

I call it an all-you-can-eat spudnut fest because that sounds so wild and fun, right?  I have actually learned that the kids will still eat the same amount - stuffed after two (or comatose in Eliza's case.)  So why not let them think they could completely pig out if they wanted to - it helps me convince them that mom can be cool and fun sometimes. just sometimes I am told.

Even little Bear with his severe sensory disorders relating to food couldn't resist the peer modeling and had to eat a spudnut.  First came a cautious sniff of the sticky treat, then a little lick, followed by a small nibble -- and 2 whole spudnuts later he completed the fall initiation!

Later in the day the kids set out to play on our cabin playground - aka the huge boulders scattered all about the property.  Mother Nature's playgrounds are the best kind!  Can you spot 4 little Larson's out there?

October has come and gone.  November, I am still savoring you.  And when you leave, I will look forward to our next Fall Cider and Spudnut celebration - if I survive the next hot and humid summer that is.

Happy Fall Ya'll, from all of the Larsons in front of the camera, and the one forever behind it!