December 14, 2012

The Parable of the Ice Cream Ball

In my husband's large family, we draw names of his siblings to give Christmas gifts to each year. Then we think and stew and think some more of what would be the perfect gift for that family. We came up with an answer a few years ago for a family member - they are fun outdoorsy kind-of people, so we gave them a ice cream ball from LLBean. 

I thought it would be perfect.  I loved it.  Surely they would as well.

A couple of years later, we received a package in the mail from another of my husband's family members.  This family is always wonderful, thoughtful and caring in every way.  So true to their sweet nature they had sent us a housewarming gift - something I have always wanted -- an ice cream ball from LLBean!  It was in a slightly beaten up and well-traveled box, but otherwise identical to the one I had given to the other sibling two years prior, which coincidentally was long enough ago that they would have had been through the rotation of giving this family a Christmas gift as well.  Perhaps they gave them a LLBean ice cream ball?

I still smile every time I see it, because the truth is, I secretly really wanted it too.  Part of me would have like to just keep giving it and see how many times it would be cycled through the family, but we love ice cream too much in our house, and it has made plenty - by the kids and their friends, by my husband's scouts at camp, even Bridger enjoys rolling it around.  Just like I thought in the beginning - it is the perfect gift!

Moral of the story: 
Love to Give and Give What you Love [it just might come back to you!]