September 20, 2013

Check, please

Over the years I have become wiser in some areas (hopefully in more areas than I have degenerated.)  Living in a home where my husband is gone nearly always, one critical wisdom that I keep in my pocket and pull out when necessary is that:
a good check can fix a bad thing 
When all else fails, hire out.  Stay tuned to see the wisdom in this for yourself. . .

September 10, 2013

Please Pardon Our Dust

I wish I could be one of those people that could snap together a creative little way to style their blog.

I'm really not.  My message is in my words, not what embellishments frame them.

I should have reminded myself of that before I started . . . um, {tinkering}.  I wish I could un-tinker, but that isn't one of my abilities either.  So here it sits, my twerked up, creatively flubbed, html-kinked blog face.  And it will sit here until I have the mental energy to do something about it - which, if you saw that the next five things on my to-do list said "Neurologist, EKG, Immunologist, write letters of medical necessity and paint the basement" you will understand why that will not be for quite some time.

Pathetic that my title (pre-children) included 'Software Training & Development'.

Until then, could someone please put a little construction cone in that big blank space at the top of my blog.  My creative instincts at least tell me that doesn't look normal.