January 22, 2014

I Stole My Mom's Blog

This is not my mom.  This is Evie.  I like writing poetry and my mom said I could write a poem for her blog.  I chose to write this poem because my family is unique and you can get a peek at a little bit of everyone.

Our Family Poem

A family of seven
so loving and sweet
each person is kind
it’s a real treat
First there is Dad
he works day and night
he provides for us all
till there is no light
Next there is Mom
she’s home all day
she’s busy, busy, busy
but finds time for play
The first child is Lance
the oldest is he
he likes to fence
and is better than me
Next is I
my name is Evie
I’m writing this poem
for you and for me
3rd is Sadie
a sweet one is she
she’s tall for her age
and taller than me
Next there is Bridger
he’s in a wheelchair
he conquers his struggles
though life isn’t fair
Last is Eliza
mischievous is she
she is four years old
and looks up to me
That is my family
crowded are we
we love each other
very much indeed.