March 06, 2014


As in, 

I. Am. Frozen.

The beauty of never having time to check the weather forecast is that every day is a surprise and you live on rumors and heresay.  The rumor that I had heard for today was that it was supposed to warm up.  Clearly rumor.  I ran out of the house today for a two hour assistive technology meeting today with Bridger in tow.  I didn't wear a coat because of this rumored warm up.  Anything but warm.  It is freezing.  And now, so am I.


I decided we needed to talk about warm.  If we talk of warmth surely we can wish it to reality.

So let's talk Summer.

I welcome every summer vacation.  Summer is my time to reclaim my children and work full time on all those critical elements of their lives that only can have part time attention during the school year.  I cherish that my calendar with my children is all mine and I protect it with both fists.  I won't let anything go on those pages without careful scrutiny.  We don't answer the phone very often and check out into our own oblivion of family fun.  I savor those precious mornings of slow moving pajama time.  I love the random fun and carefully planned adventures.

And then late July hits.  Then those proclamations listed above become self-affirmations I recite to myself every morning to convince myself that I can survive summer and that everyone will get through it in one piece.

Somehow, those days do pass and I am always proud to say that I survived another summer.  I know these summers that I have with all my children home are numbered -- and that the summers that they actually still like me and want to hang with me every minute of the day are even fewer.  So we seized the day and lived it up!  (lol - no pun intended, but "seized the day" - did I really just type that?  Yes, several times this summer, Bridger literally "seized the day")

So here is the photo dump of a few pics off my phone of the summer that I never blogged about because I was too busy surviving, er, uh, I mean living it.


Fishing camp. A joke, really, since my kids could teach the class. Couldn't resist a class where they could all do it together though. One stop shopping.
Final service dog interview.  Wishing and hoping for a dream come true this summer!

30 minutes until complete exhaustion.  Best money spent.

Hershey, sans Bridger, and the world's tallest cookie sandwich. Sadie face reflects that was still remembering the dude throwing up behind her on the roller coaster.

Archives and DC fun

kickin' back - cabin style

air show

his favorite place - I stopped counting at 5 visits last summer

hitting every train museum thru VA to PA and dad got to be part of our summer for a brief moment!

a first time Newseum visit for us - love Certifikid

Shhh, she doesn't know what the front looks like on those. Couldn't resist.

pretty much every day

 Eliza's choice for her mommy-daddy date night

weekly library trips -- until a patron told us how bothered and disturbed she was by Bridger's sounds.  Not a good day:(

Cookology - her favorite camp ever!

weekly moonbounces set up in our yard by our most awesome friends that needed a place to dry them out as much as we needed some random fun in our backyard
shooting his first clays

weekly visits to the place that now loves us (remember THIS? )

using 32 ounces of hand sanitizer in one day

OH, that very NON-accessible Mom-venture to Knoebel's.  My arms are still trembling from pushing Bridger's wheelchair through the gravel walkways and lifting him through the entrances and onto every ride. 

We Movie'd, Pool'd, Museum'd, Hiked, Cabin'd, Ice Creamed, Bike Tripped, Violin'd, Camped, Amusement Park'd, Zoo'd, Playgrounded, Hershey'd, Beached, Train'd, Spraygrounded, Farmed, Barbecued, Service Dog'd, Tennis'd, Fenced, Berried, Cookology'd, Art'd, Shoot'd, Playdate'd, Seashore'd, Gymnastic'd, New York'd, Partied, Go Karted, Dined, Henna'd, Wedding'd, Fished. . .**breath**breath**

After all of this summer talk, my toes are still cold. *sigh* Oh well, back to my electric blanket I go.

Think warm thoughts! spring will come spring will come spring will come spring will come spring will come spring will come. . .