March 04, 2014

Happy Flappy

Flapjacks, Hot Cakes, Griddle Cakes, Pancakes. . .

Whatever you call them,

Happy National Pancake Day!

Would you like a short stack of chocolate chip? Confetti? Pumpkin Spice? Honey Wheat? Blueberry? One of each? Name your shape and belly up to the bar with us.

Pancakes are their own food group around here as it is one of the only things that Bridger will eat.  When he had one of his grand seizures a while back and was in the hospital for quite some time, heavily sedated, his first indication he was regaining consciousness was his opening his little eyes just a flicker and signing "drive car", "pancake" -- which interpreted means, "I want to go to McDonald's for some hot cakes." Then he let out a little giggle with the limited breath he could muster. Those signs in that moment were the sweetest thing I had ever seen (and you had better believe I immediately dashed to the closest McDonald's and brought him back some!)
So pancakes will always hold a special place in our heart and we feel we must pay homage on this special day.
quickly trying to wipe off her milk 'stache before mom snaps one
Hope you day is sticky sweet - just like that cutie is at that very moment!
Actually, really, I detest sticky.  It makes me cringe. And as a mom of 5 I feel it, like, all the time.  Hopefully,  your day is just sweet.