March 28, 2014

It's All About Balance

As I have mentioned before, it is not my medically complex child that causes me to lose sleep at night, it is my worry for my other children.  Every night when I go to bed I think about their day, their burdens, their emotions, their health. . . am I balancing it all?  Do they have what they need to stay healthy and thriving through this crazy 'Life with a Side of Special'?

We have an exciting Spring that awaits us -- when our two year process is over and Bridger will be paired with his service dog from Canine Companions for Independence.  Bridger and I will go up to their facility in New York for two weeks in May for an intensive team training.  I am bringing my two older daughters with us to help with Bridger and also be part of this exciting process.  This process, however, is all about Bridger -- as life all too often is.  I am keenly aware that this exciting experience also holds the potential for jealousy or for the other children to feel like they are living in his shadow.

God knows those concerns and in those late night hours of worry I have before I fall asleep I was given a little inspiring direction for them.

Canine Companions for Independence has on their website a "wish list" of items they need to help the training and care of the future service dogs to continue as well as facility improvements.  What if my girls put on their fundraising hats and raised money to purchase a few items that they can present to the organization when we arrive?

I talked to them about the idea and they were over the moon with excitement.  They got their notebooks and pens and immediately started brainstorming.  Before I knew it they had created flyers and posters offering their products and services.
grinding the wheat

It is quite an impressive offering! They are cleaning baseboards on houses, dog walking,  cat sitting, kid sitting, selling baskets of homemade wheat bread with jars of homemade strawberry jelly and whipped honey butter that they are making themselves, teaching a cooking class of how to make those same delicious treats to their friends, selling boxes of our famous Springerle Cookies and more! 
making the jam
At first I thought they could just purchase a couple dog toys and some towels.  Well, they are on track to nearly purchase the whole entire wish list!
delivering over a dozen bread baskets of yumminess

dog walking in the rain, sleet and snow

My heart is just giddy at the thought of those two little girls, after all of their hard work, pulling in their carts laden with supplies to present to CCI.  I am excited to sit back in the shadow with their little brother and, in this Bridger-centric time, let them have the spotlight and let it be all about THEM.

Shine on Evie and Sadie. Shine on!

If you would like to help them or donate to this cause, please contact me.  100% of all funds given to them will be used to purchase Wish List items for Canine Companions for Independence.