March 25, 2014

No More Mr. Four Eyes


Love the full unobstructed view of those beautiful baby blues now.

A few weeks ago Lance said that he was interested in contacts. {insert total shocked expression from me} The kid who doesn't like change, who could care less about his appearance, who hates to touch anything wet, wants contacts?!

After having his glasses torn off of his face and broken three times in the past month by his brother, I jumped on that request before he had a chance to second guess himself and made the appointment with the ophthalmologist to get fitted.

Today was his first morning to wear his new contacts and I went into his room to wake him up.  He was dressed, ready, bed made and at his desk rereading the instruction sheet to put them in.  Lance has gotten himself out of bed, um, let met think. . . NEVER this year, so it was cute how antsy he was for his debut of his new set of eyes.

I gave my not-so-little-boy-anymore a hug and sent him out the door to the bus stop.  I do declare, I think I detected a bit of a new swank to his gait.