May 04, 2014

And, We're OFF!

The Mega Van is packed to the gills.  We have the massive special needs travel bed, mattress and bedding, several packages of large diapers/wipes/liners/etc., tube feeding supplies, medications, \portable cushioned floor, wheelchair, positioning floor chair because he can't stand to be in his wheelchair 24/7, push chair for every day movement and tube feeding when I don't want him to be mobile, beach wheelchair - the one item I was questioning bringing, but think I will be so glad I did when we have nothing to do each day after 5 and are minutes from the beach, electronics, toys, huge stuffed dog that is Bridger's bff and helps him manage his reflux as he sleeps upright, a huge assortment of items we are giving CCI - including 2 xl dog crates, 4 dog beds, a bunch of training items and toys, bowls and food.  Phew.  I don't think I have the kitchen sink. . . yet.

For the record, I am a notoriously light packer.  For a week long trip as a family we travel with one medium duffel bag for the 6 of us.  Bridger's travel needs are growing as fast as he is.

And now we are off!  I am assuming I can navigate this massive van through Manhattan. I'm not quite sure I can make right hand turns on some of those tight intersections.  I wish my gps 
had a special setting for our van that posted routes that only required left hand turns.  Maybe that can be my next bumper sticker, "Caution: Wide Right-Hand Turns".

Cross your fingers we make it!  Exciting posts, hopefully, to follow!