May 15, 2014

Summary of Week 2

A blog without pictures is like an Oreo without the cream filling.  It is all you really want anyway, and you just tolerate the rest.

So I stole a moment to access a computer that I could post some pictures finally.

The Beginning of the Story. . .

Day 3 we finally got to see the actual dogs we were going to be working with for potential placement.  They rotated a few dogs through us.  Every dog had its charms for different reasons.  But then. . . along came the big T2 -- Tyrone II.

Love at first sight!  It was magical.  I think I even heard a choir of heavenly angels singing in the background.  This big guy came and plunked his large head right on Bridger's lap.  Bridger just lovingly leaned his face into his and just gave him all the love right back.

Tyrone and Bridger tolerated the class time while I was busy absorbing all the info being taught.  Ty already knew it all so it was just up to me to figure out my half!  So Bridger and Ty just hugged instead.

The first night together was a riot.  I put Bridger in his enclosed safety bed and encouraged a very uncertain Ty to join him.  Bridger gave Ty some goodnight kisses then I told Bridger to say goodnight to Ty, and I had Ty, in turn, say goodnight to Bridger by issuing the "speak" command to make him bark.  Bridger thought that was HiLaRioUs! As I zipped them up Bridger looked at me and said, "Mom, I Lub Him!"

I expected the tent to rock for a couple hours with all the new excitement in there.  But I had told Bridger to help Ty go to sleep, so he put his arms behind his head, squinted his eyes shut and the tent was perfectly still.  I would hear a little giggle every now and then but when I went to peek inside, Bridger was sound asleep.  This was the first night since we had been here that Bridger didn't take 2 hours to go to sleep.  It was also the first time he slept past 4:00 in the morning.  Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the long night of potential sleep because I was keeping one eye on that tent the whole night - wondering when they both would be fed up with sharing space, when Bridger would roll on Ty, when Ty would roll on Bridger, when somebody would have too much paw in the face, or when Ty would have to go potty.  But, nope, it was a dreamy night for two in the big blue tent.

We worked really hard for the past two weeks together.  We have been in hours of class lectures, hours of practice time, field trips and grooming routines.  This morning was the written exam and this afternoon was the public certification test that we did at Sam's Club.  I am relieved to report that we passed both exams and so I now present to you:

Team Bridger and Ty!
(and me. I am the Service Facilitator to the team. just not as cute as these two)

Tomorrow is graduation day.  It sounds like a whirlwind of a busy day.  I am hoping Bridger is happy for it.  If not happy, at least compliant.  We'll see!