May 06, 2014

Team Training: Day 1

We made it - with the van roof intact!  Apparently, Long Island has some very old bridges dating back to when the roads were full of little Model T's.  They have low height clearances and my van couldn't pass underneath.  We got washed off with the rest of the semi-trucks into a mess of little roads and alleys, lost for a while until we made our way back to the main streets again.

We checked in, had an orientation and they provided some delicious Chinese food.  We set up camp and unpacked our bags for our extended stay.

Day 1 consisted of lots of information, lectures and homework.  We haven't met the dogs yet.

Long day. Bridger was a champ. Eva, Sadie and Grandma were great Bridger helpers while I attended the lectures.

Classes ended at 4:00 and the 5 of us took off down the road to the beach.  It was such a relaxing way to end a long day.  We brought Bridger's beach wheelchair with us which made for a fun, easy less difficult excursion.  The shore was full of large shells (as compared to the small ones or the broken fragments we usually find at our beaches at home) and the girls loved collecting all that their arms could hold.

That concludes Day 1.  I am excited for what comes tomorrow!

Pictures can't load right now. . . Check back to see fun pics.