May 06, 2014

Team Training: Day 2

Today things got more exciting!  We spent more time handling the dogs - rotating through a few potential matches as the trainers study behavior (both people and dog), handling and responsiveness.  I have been paying close attention to which dogs they have been rotating through us more often than others.  I have it narrowed down to two.  Bridger doesn't care for dogs that are all in his face and licking him constantly - although he does like a little bit of kissing.  Nor will he initiate contact if the dog seems indifferent to him.  We have worked with dogs on either end of the spectrum. . . then, we worked with one that was the perfect blend.  He came up and placed his big 'ol head on Bridger's lap -- and just stayed in that position.  Bridger wrapped his arms around that head -- and just stayed in that position.  When I had Bridger put his hands on his lap and issued the walking command to the dog, Bridger put his arm across the Doug's shoulder and held him in a hug as they walked.  Melt. My. Heart.

The other dog will initiate appropriate, subdued contact with Bridger too.  He is sweet and responsive.  There wasn't the obvious love fest going on between the two as there was with the other dog, but I am in awe of these trainers and know that they know the personalities of these dogs and will make the perfect match. 

The {preliminary} MATCH will be announced tomorrow morning!  Bridger is so wiped out he is falling asleep very soon after I place him in his tent bed (which is unusual for being in a strange place.) I wish I could fall asleep just as easy, but I am just too excited! Who is the newest member of our family going to be?

{I am not able to upload pictures yet, but will update entries with photos when I can.  Rest assured, we are snapping away when possible!}