May 16, 2014

The Spotlight on Them

You know those moments when you step back and are amazed at the beautiful people your children are turning into - and you wish you could take credit, but you know it really has nothing to do with you?

I have lots of those.  Most recently, with Evie and Sadie.

They wanted to show their gratitude to Canine Companions for Independence for allowing Bridger to have this opportunity to receive a service dog.  They know it is Bridger's and that they won't be interacting with it or hardly touching it.  Do they care? Are they jealous? No.  They are extremely excited for Bridger.  I am so grateful that my children love to celebrate each other.

They chose to show that excitement by raising some money to purchase an item or two of the Wish List posted by CCI.  I thought they might be able to buy a toy or two with what their 9 and 10 year old efforts could produce.  Boy, was I wrong.

They went right to work making flyers advertising their services.  They cleaned baseboards - even calling themselves the "Baseboard Brigade" on their flyer.  They trudged around with their bucket, rags and cleaning gloves from house to house all during spring break. They made homemade bread, homemade strawberry jam and whipped up some honey butter and sold several dozens of yummy bread baskets to friends and neighbors. They had a cooking class for their friends to teach them to make the same and the friends were invited to bring a donation for the cause if they desired.  They did pet "sitting". They walked dogs in the rain, sleet, and {yes} snow.  It was a long, exhausting spring break for them.  Kind neighbors and friends sweetly supported them with donations and generous "tips" for their services.  Their energy became contagious as their cousins across the country hosted a party for the cause too!

When all was said and done, these little girls raised $1000 in one week!!!  They purchased almost the entire wish list! Included in their gifts (some not pictured below) were a couple large dog crates, four high quality dog beds, an agility tunnel and frame, lots of dog treats, training items, toys and more!

A special thank you to all who supported them!

I am so grateful in this Bridger-centric time, that I could sit back in the shadow with him, and have the spotlight all on those two amazing girls as they presented their hard work to Canine Companions for Independence.