June 09, 2014

He Prefers Blonds

Among Bridger's gaggle of therapists and caregivers over the years, there have been brunettes of all varieties, mingled with a smattering of red heads.  Bridger responds, obeys, complies to their requests and demands.  BUT, every now and then a blond will come along, and Bridger turns into an entirely different child.  He is extremely motivated to fulfill their every request.  He flirts.  He bats his lashes and adds a twinkle to his baby blues.  He giggles and hugs them - and might even sneak a kiss in every now and then.

He apparently prefers blonds.

A certain blond entered his life last year and he would speak her name with such angelic love. I had to meet his new blond lady love interest.

Her name is Jordain, and her heart is as lovely as her name.  She is a Fellow with Jill's House - the amazing respite lodge Bridger attends.  Bridger has a monthly weekend rendezvous with her as she is his attendant there.  Attendant is her official title to him -- really, he just knows her as his best friend.

I have a fierce, true and deep love for certain people in this world.  It is a love for people that love Bridger.  Not just those that say they love him as they are looking on from the sidelines, doing their own thing.  But those that love him by showing it.  I truly and completely love those that either by solicitation from us, or a self-issued invitation, jump into our arena and love him through their actions.  Jordain has wiped his nose, his toes and everything in between.  She has held him when he cried, has tucked him in.  She has dressed him and redressed him and worn his lunch on her sleeve.  She has held his hand and his heart.  She has demonstrated what love feels like, and I love her for that.

Her year-long fellowship program at Jill's House came to an end this weekend and she is off to tackle the next exciting chapter of her life across the country.  It was Bridger's last weekend with her and I was an emotional mess all weekend thinking about it.  Why was I crying? I wasn't losing the benefit of respite of Jill's House. He would still love Jill's House and the other fabulous and wonderful caregivers there.  I realized I was crying because I was losing someone who loved Bridger, and that list is already short enough.

I am so grateful for sweet Jordain!  Her ability to love so deeply that it just oozes out into action was inspiring to watch and has made me a better person.  On their final "date" together Bridger presented her a rose and said, "Jordain, will you accept this rose?"

She said yes!

She and Bridger have exchanged pieces of their hearts with one another and they will take that piece with them as they continue on their different paths.  I am so grateful that God allowed this brief intersection of their lives.  I take peace in being a Virginian, because our roads are a little different here.  We don't just have intersections of two roads that cross just once, never to meet again.  We have winding roads, that are long and will overlap, merge and cross paths with another road many times in the journey.

Thank you, Jordain! Until our roads cross again. . .