July 13, 2014

Campus Life

We spent a fun afternoon this week having the kids visit my Alma mater, BYU.  We took a wonderfully accessible tour of the campus via golf cart, 

Ty included.

The tour guide was excited about his unique cart full and admitted he had never had a four-legged VIP on a tour before.  The heat was knocking Bridger out so we had to do the accelerated and shortened version of the tour.

After viewing the campus grounds I took the kids into the student center to see a piece of my nostalgia.  They were stuck with me and were forced to listen to my stories of campus life forever and a day ago.  Part of the fun they had to relive with me in the student center was some bowling.

I had to explain a few too many times to the cashier why we were paying for 6 players but only needed 5 shoe rentals.  I'm not sure if she ever got it.  It would have saved us 15 minutes if I had just paid for some decorative bowling shoes for Bridger.

At first the noise and commotion of all of the people, bowling balls and pins was too much for Bridger - he couldn't even stand to look down the lane at the pins or even at the ball and would just turn his head.  So Ty did the bowling work for him.

After Ty showed him how fun it was, Bridger took over and did it himself.

The others had the game to themselves after only two rounds with Bridger.  Bridger had a sensory implosion so I put Lance in charge and I had to leave with Bridger and Ty to a quiet adjoining room until the others finished their game.

Lance was humbled.  Eliza beat him.

After we finished bowling we headed up to the cafeteria where we ended our fun day with a ginormous Y-shaped doughnut, split 5 ways.  Yum!

So many adventures still on our list.  Luckily, still so much time.  An adventure a day keeps the boredom at bay!