July 23, 2014

Curiosity Seekers

We said goodbye to our sweet Jordain and kept the renewed energy flowing from the weekend by making our next adventure to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

I love taking the children places they have never been, where they have no idea what to expect and their fun expressions show that. Visiting the unknown also could also come with  a bucket load of disasters too.  The smoothest way to bring Bridger somewhere is to have previously scouted out the venue to get a feel of the terrain, potential obstacles and hazards.  So for our introductory visit to this museum we went sans Bridger - initially.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Children's museums.  I love places that are hands on, rules off and let my kids be kids as I get to be an onlooker to their fun.  As soon as I could see past the insanely out of proportion adult to child ratio (but, who am I to judge - guilty!) I could see that this was a really cool place!

Lance thoroughly impressed me with his ability to yank the tablecloth out from under a set table and not lose even a single piece of silverware.  I was videoing his first attempt, ready to see plates flying.  The place settings remained on the bare table undisturbed.  He was so consistent in each of his efforts I think I am willing to let him try it at home -- just not with our fine china.

No better way to get wiggles out than to have Sadie and Eliza make a little pedal power.

Evie's ponytail never recovered from the awesome 75mph wind tunnel.

No Children's museum is complete without some form of water.  Eliza was cooking up something - I have no idea what, but it required 6 galoshes filled up repeatedly from her pvc pipe configuration.

The kids all agreed that their brother needed to see this place too, so after the other children enjoyed it for a few hours, we drove back to Bridger's physical therapy office to pick him up when he finished and took him back to the museum with us for a few more hours.

Bridger showed off his new strength by holding his own at the sand table.

Look ma - no hands!!  (I was super proud)

By far his favorite was the fan blown scarf.  It would take all of his coordination to catch it.

Once caught, he couldn't wait to throw it to the sky once again.

While the little ones kept playing the older three took their special tickets over to the canopy course to face their fears.  Or at least they faced my fears - heights!

They harnessed up and walked through a host of obstacles high above our heads.

We finished up our visit outside getting soaked out at the splash pad and water features. When I called all of the kids over to me to announce that it was time to leave, Bridger's immediate sentiment summed it up when he said, "Mom, I had a such a great great time!"

It was a loud, crazy, exhausting all day experience.  But when you have that sweet face roll up to you and say that, followed by similar expressions from the other four children, it makes it all worth it!