July 21, 2014

How to Kill Time

We had 20 minutes to kill in between our activities and physical therapy one day.  What's a mom to do?

I throw everyone in a splash pad fully clothed.

Perfect way to kill time.

I love splash pads.  They make for some rusty screws on the wheelchair and a very squishy memory foam seat cushion.  But for a blissful, perfectly accessible 20+ minutes of times -- it is exchange I am perfectly willing to make.

Eliza was a crazy soaking mess within 2 hot minutes.  Bridger claimed all the way from the car to the edge of the splash pad that he didn't want to go.  I know better than to believe him.  One forced toe into the water and his whole demeanor changed and when it came time to leave he was screaming and holding his wheels to keep me from rolling him out. Evie and Sadie wanted to make completely sure that I knew that they didn't have their swimsuits on before they followed my instructions to go run through it.  Surely I have made much crazier requests of them before than this!

Jordain had no choice but to comply.

 Ty had no desire to touch the water and was content to serve as lifeguard for his buddy.

One single squirting fountain brings him more joy than words can describe.  It was the highlight to his day.  That he had to leave here to go do a quick change out of his wet clothes and into his orthotics within 5 minutes flat to go do strenuous therapy for four hours was not a welcomed transition for him.

Ty didn't have the same love for that single squirting fountain
Splashpad = perfect stopgap solution to fill the 20 minute hole we had in our day!