July 06, 2014

I [Heart] National Parks

I have fond college flashbacks of throwing a couple of sleeping bags and a tent in the back of my little white Ford Probe and taking off with roommates and friends for camping weekends in southern Utah.  Bryce. . . Zion. . . Arches. . . we would camp and hike them all.  If I weren't traveling right now I would throw an old picture or two up on this blog from the album archives of some these wild and crazy college adventures.

Fast forward 20 years.

This was the first time I had been back to these parks since my carefree college days, but just seeing the campsites and trails that I once hiked without a care in the world brought a smile to my face.

An even larger smile spread across my face watching my children now experience those joys without a care in the world

National Parks love us as much as I love them.  They give us a wonderful Golden Pass that grants us free entry into all National Parks.  Thank you, Bridger.  They also give us a wonderful map with a little wheelchair graphic noting every place on that map where we can go. Thank you, National Parks, for taking the guesswork out for me.


Ty had to adjust to the fact that there no longer were the soft grasses of Virginia underneath his belly and he would have to lay down on rocks.  He was tentative and thought he could just "sit" it out instead, but finally realized that enjoying such beautiful surroundings would require him to be pushed out of his comfort zone.  So he accepted his gravel spot to lay.

The hikes that weren't handicap accessible were enjoyed by the others. . .

. . . while Bridger enjoyed his time being entertained by Ty in a nice shady spot.

In the van we go for another 6 hours of driving to find our next adventure!